Metal Roof Coating Systems


S and J Contractors installs Metal Roof Coating Systems.

Our Roof Coating System uses fluid applied or spray applied restoration options that save money and conserve energy. Saving time, tear-off, and material costs these systems are sustainable and provide reflective options that save energy for your facility.

Below are images of previous work we have done concerning our Roof Coating. As you will see we do high quality, professional work that you will be very happy with a the end of the project. We have many years of experience as a company and our staff is made up of seasoned pros. Give us a call today. You will be glad you did! We are roof coating specialist! We also specialize in gravel roof vacuuming services

We are an  industrial roofing contractor licensed in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas! We are THE Oklahoma Industrial Roofing company!

Our Roof Coating System is a Fluid applied roof coating system for metal roofs that can repair leaks, contribute to energy savings and extend the life of a metal roof. Fluid applied coatings adhere to metals well and the elongation allows the coating to expand and contract with the metal as temperatures change throughout the seasons. A new coat on a metal roof will reflect the sun's energy away from the surface of the roof efficiently, reducing the temperature and keeping a building cooler in summer. In winter it traps warm air below the surface keeping a building warmer in winter.